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Who we are

Established in 2013, we have grown by working with customers to improve their businesses and making the best out of their IT resources. TARGET Integrated Systems goal is to deliver workable and supportable solutions that meet the needs of the business. Our unique services have led to our position as a key player in the IT Sector with an enviable reputation.

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To establish for a regionally active Professional Information and Communication Technology Services Provider that is well noted and reputed; standing on a concrete foundation of high ethics, beliefs, and principles; powered with the high technical experience of a dynamic and highly spirited team equipped with a domestically bred culture, the Target culture. Target shall make a breakthrough and lead the ICT market in the region with global market recognition.


To make ICT the locomotive for every business and to leverage the standards of the ICT industry worldwide. In this pursue, we create original, robust and flexible ICT solutions specially tailored for each of our customers out of real understanding to their unique environments and business goals, in the way that adds true value to their businesses with efficiency and cost effectiveness. Specialized ICT Services companies should be about serving customer’s needs. Target has true awareness of this in addition to its own set of values in this regard; in this context, we aim to establish these values which stem from a set of high ethics and standards and to use our initiative to spread this awareness in the wide ICT market showing how ICT Services companies should be about. We carry our mission out of a true awareness of who we are, where we stand, and where we want to go, unshaken believe that we can go there.

Partner Alliance

TARGET Integrated systems consider that specialized IT Services companies should be about serving customer's needs. That's why we keen to offer our clients the best solution that fits their business needs. Here comes the Alliance between TARGET Integrated Systems, URANIUM, and EgyByte.
The alliance complements its multivendor based solutions and services, enabling its member companies to provide their customers with a complete list of products covering all IT environment demands.
That enables the partners to introduce optimum, complete and integrated solutions backed by powerful partnerships with the world's industry and technology leading vendors.