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​​As a partner to HPE ​Hewlett Packard Enterprise, TARGET provides the right software-defined infrastructure for your unique business needs – the best performance with the best prices. All of our sales and technical staff are trained and certified to ensure delivering a suitable design, excellent installation and effective support. Whether your infrastructure on-premises or cloud,
TARGET ​supports your business with servers with high performance and efficiency for big data and the most demanding workload. Fully adaptable and ready for Hybrid IT – built to a future-proof data center for today's workloads and tomorrow's disruption. From the edge to cloud, we use the right mix of technologies, services, ​and financial models to help you thrive.​ ​​​​​​​

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HPE Servers Family

Fits Your Business Strategy
  • DL Gen10
  • XL Gen9 & XL Gen10
  • ML Gen10
  • Systems Solutions
  • Frame
  • Storage
  • Compute
  • Networking

No matter the size of your business infrastructure, with the HPE servers Portfolio, you will find a variety of Servers that suit your Business Requirements​​
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Server Management Software

HPE Info Sight for Servers (AI-Driven Operation)


of issues automatically predicted and resolved


less time managing problems


of problems resolved are beyond storage

  • Optimize performance, predict and prevent problems by adding AI-driven operations.
  • Connects the machine learning and predictive analytics of HPE Infosight with the health and performance monitoring of Active Health System (AHS) and HPE Integrated Lights Out (iLO) to optimize performance and predict and limit problems.
  • Decrease consumed time and difficulties by transforming how infrastructure is managed and supported.
  • Analyses the data from AHS to acquire insights from the behaviors of the install base providing recommendations to resolve problems and improve performance.