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​Many Businesses move to the cloud now to save costs as the primary goal. TARGET helps your business to take all the advantage of Cloud Storage, creating a more productive, flexible, and controllable environment. As an HPE Partner, TARGET can help you build your cloud strategy model tailored to your needs, HPE latest cloud technology.​

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Reduce Costs

More Flexibility & Control


Data Mobility & Security


Work anytime anywhere

Mulit-Cloud Storage is easier now than before with HPE Cloud Storage Portfolio

Data Protection & Backup
AI Operation
  • Affordable & flexible
  • Simplified Operations
  • Deliver on SLAs
  • Customized Data Protection
Cloud Bank Storage
  • Lower in Cost
  • Reliable cloud disaster recovery.
  • Efficient Storage Capacity
  • Simplified Operations
  • 99.9999% Guaranteed Availability
  • 86% Issue Resolution
3PAR StoreServ
  • Flexibility and Fast Performance
  • Predict and prevent issues
  • 86% of issues automatically predicted and resolved
  • 85% less time managing problems
  • 54% of problems resolved are beyond storage
Proliant & Apollo
  • Efficient & Simple aWeb-scale
  • Easy & Elastic cloud-ready deployment
  • One platform, endless possibilities
Cloud Volumes Block
  • Robust Reliability
  • Back up fast with Spin Up copies
  • Secure and compliant