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Less time deploying a server


Less time installing firmware and OS patches


Less time configuring vSAN

TARGET experts have the needed experience to help you build your composable infrastructure that fits your business requirements. With a single ​ intelligent infrastructure combining compute, storage, and fabric, all resources are instantly ​available to run any application. Gain efficiency with HPE Composable Infrastructure and deploy and control IT resources for any workload, whether On-Premises, Cloud or Traditional.​​​

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With HPE Synergy

Infrastructure for any application

Software-defined infrastructure for physical, virtual, and containerized workloads.

Deploy at cloud-like speed and scale

60 secs to recover a 1TB VM Get fast, comprehensive business recovery built-in.

Automate everyday operations

Increase productivity and control across data center and reduce operational effort and cost.

HPE Synergy Portfolio

  • Scale infrastructure.
  • Reduce complexity.
  • Use and re-purpose resources.
  • Rapidly provision infrastructure.
  • Increase performance and scalability.
  • Protect your assets.
  • Accelerate service delivery.
  • Get capacity for a wide range of workloads.
  • Experience highly available composable storage.
Fabric Networking
  • Simplify data center management.
  • Save through design.
  • Get high density virtualization and performance.
HPE Composer
  • Simplify Deployment and Scale.
  • Accelerate Updates
  • Automate, Integrate, or Customize Infrastructure Use.
HPE Image Streamer
  • True Stateless Operations.
  • Rapid OS Provisioning.
  • Automation.

OneView Enables you to Control your Composable Infrastructure

Compose for any workload
Transform to Software-defined automation
Connect from core to cloud

​Managing your data center infrastructure is essentials, to take control over your IT. HPE OneVIew improves infrastructure management. HPE One View is a Software-defined automation to deploy and manage data center infrastructure, and enable a template-driven approach for deploying, provisioning, updating, and integrating compute, storage, and networking infrastructure.​​​ ​​