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Because switches create the foundation of the network, their role has now moved beyond purely providing high-performance connectivity. The role of switches is to now offer wireless aggregation and act as an IoT gatekeeper for everything from surveillance cameras to point of sales (PoS) systems.

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Build and Manage Networks Smarter

Cloud-Native Agility

Unified Platform For Edge Access To Data Center

Distributed Analytics

Aruba's modern switching portfolio satisfies demanding use cases from the access layer, to the core, and to the data center. Customers gain the performance they need, with enhanced security, high availability, and intelligent automation that simplifies the complexities of managing today's network.

Aruba CX Switches
  • CX 8400 Series
  • CX 8325 Series
  • CX 8320 Series
  • CX 6400 Series
  • CX 6300 Series
  • CX 6200 Series
Aruba Intelligent Edge Switches
  • 5400R Series
  • 3810 Series
  • 2930M Series
  • 2930F Series
  • 2540 Series
  • 2530 Series
Aruba CX Switches
  • 1950 Series
  • 1920S Series
  • 1820 Series
  • 1420 Series
  • 1405 Series

Aruba Network Switch Software

Aruba’s switching software simplifies network operations by delivering automation,distributed analytics,
security and high data availability

AOS-CX: Cloud-native and fully programmable

Secure and simplified access for users and IoT

Aruba Network Analytics Engine for accelerated troubleshooting

Aruba NetEdit for error-free network configuration

High availability and zero -downtime upgrades