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The business now depends heavily on technologies, that’s why it needs effective IT services and systems. Businesses attain higher flexibility by means of IT support, which allows them to have a stable environment to focus on business goals.
IT has an essential role in any organization whether it is a huge enterprise, medium business, or even a startup business​ TARGET Service Level Agreement – TSLA, can help you extend your IT de​partment capability with external help, and the more the SLA understands your business requirements, the more it becomes efficient and effective.​TSLA helps you to have more time focusing on your responsibilities, than worrying about fixing IT problems. ​

TSLA helps you to have more time focusing on your responsibilities, than worrying about fixing IT problems. TSLA helps your business in:

Increase in business ROI

Saves money on the Long Run

Overall data security

Emergency Support

Proactive Monitoring

In TARGET, our primary GOAL is to ensure your Satisfaction with the running Services, that’s why we support your business through TARGET Support Level Agreement – TSLA, TARGET annual agreement covering all the environment requirements.

We build our solutions according to your business need, TSLA Model is designed to ANALYZE your business and understand your business strategy, goals and needs to be able to DESIGN the suitable model giving you an extraordinary ROI of your ICT.

On a strict timeline, we work to IMPLEMENT the agreed solution, proactively MONITORING the solution to anticipate any upcoming issues, with a 24/7 response SUPPORT to your incidence. A continuous improving cycle is essentials that why we EVALUATE the solution and process to ensure that we are always adhering to dynamic business changes.

TSLA is a complete customized model for your business that provides many benefits that help your business to grow in
a well-managed environment making you less worry about IT burdens, with TSLA you will:

Cover most of your environment software and hardware assets and can cover Hardware Spare Parts.

Increase Hardware Lifetime for better investment utilization.

30+ different product with variety of vendors under one agreement .

24/7 response to your requests & critical incident support, through a direct contact with our technical support team.

Expanding IT Dep. capacity through our team of experts.

Remote and Onsite service activities.

Consultation, projects, and proactive & reactive Support.

Guaranteed Data Privacy.

TSLA Plans


  • Consultation Man-Days 5
  • Service Regular Proactive Visit4
  • Incident 6
  • Proactive Hardware Visit
  • Intensive Health Check
  • Workshop Hours
  • Spare Part Optional


  • Consultation Man-Days 10
  • Service Regular Proactive Visit 12
  • Incident 15
  • Proactive Hardware Visit 4
  • Intensive Health Check 2
  • Workshop Hours 20
  • Spare Part Optional


  • Consultation Man-Days 50
  • Service Regular Proactive Visit26
  • Incident 75
  • Proactive Hardware Visit 12
  • Intensive Health Check 4
  • Workshop Hours 40
  • Spare Part Optional
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